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I love this picture!


I Always loved this one!

It is effective to transition into an armbar from this position.

Seoinage can be followed up by:      Kata Guruma

 Usually it had been he who threw me. Now, instead of being thrown, I was throwing him with increasing regularity. I could do this despite the fact that he was of the Kito-ryu school and was especially adept at throwing techniques.

“This apparently surprised him, and he was upset over it for quite a while. What I had done was quite unusual. But it was the result of my study of how to break the posture of the opponent. It is true that I had been studying this problem for some time, together with that of reading the opponent’s motion. But it was here that I first tried to apply thoroughly the principle of breaking the opponent’s posture before moving in for the throw.

The Armbar is escape is crucial for any jujitsu player.

This technique is demonstrated by Kyuzo Mifune a Judo Legend.